Renewed Carbon
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Lake Munmorah, 2259
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Renewed Carbon is currently developing some 20 biomass conversion, or BioHub projects, in Australia – all in various stages of development. BioHub projects develop around three main themes or “drivers” to establish the project development framework:-
  • "Typical" (urban waste) BioHub Development Profile

    Step 1 – Initial project biomass source is contracted from local/regional urban waste stream managers (often local councils) (green/garden waste, wood waste, MSW organics etc.)

    Step 2 – Preferred initial product range is identified that is the best technical, commercial and Highest Net Resource Value (HNRV) fit with the inherent characteristics of the biomass available. From urban waste streams this is typically biochar and bioenergy.

    Step 3 – The most appropriate/thermally efficient technologies are identified, on a case by case basis, which will best convert the materials identified at Step 1 into the products proposed at Step 2.

    Such a basic project, if and when implemented and commercialised, would then plan to grow the business by attracting industrial sources of biomass and land management residues or promote the production of special purpose plantings etc. to support he manufacture of a wider range of quality assured products, more fully utilizing the installed capacity of the initial plant.

    In all cases Renewed Carbon would offer/provide assured local, national and/or international markets for the products produced.
  • "Industry Support" BioHub Development Profile

    As for “Typical” BioHub #1 project development profile except that instead of urban waste providing the “anchor” biomass supply security, the BioHub is established by “value adding” an agricultural or forest industry by-product, which is currently presenting as an under valued waste or a surplus residue.
  • "Land Management Residues" BioHub Project Development Profile

    As for “typical” BioHub #1 (urban waste) and BioHub #2 (Industry Support) except that the “anchor” biomass supply security is provided by contracted growers, or special purpose plantings.

    BioHub Summary of Concept download.